Business For Sale in Victoria

Those of you who are looking for business for sale in Canada or elsewhere, it is advisable to consider business for sale Victoria or franchise for sale Victoria. Here is a brief overview of the business environment of Victoria to help you decide for yourself whether you should or should not buy a business in Victoria:

Victoria is the capital city of British Columbia, Canada, and is located on the southern tip of Vancouver Island. It is only 100 kilometres away from Vancouver-British Columbia’s largest and Canada's third largest city, and is very close to the United States as well. The excellent geographical location of Victoria facilitates growth of many businesses for sale in Victoria.

For anyone who is looking at business for sale in Victoria or franchise for sale in Victoria or elsewhere, transportation is the prime concern. Good and proper transportation facility to and from the city allows one to carry one’s business in a smooth and hassle-free manner.

Here, local public transportation is run by the Victoria Regional Transit System, which is part of BC Transit. Since 2000, double decker buses have been introduced to the fleet and have become a part of the city. The Victoria International Airport has non-stop flights to and from Toronto, San Francisco, Seattle, and several other cities throughout Western Canada. Multiple helicopters and seaplane flights are available daily from Victoria's Inner Harbour to Vancouver International Airport.

If you are considering business for sale Victoria, you will have a potentially large and diverse population to serve. In the year 2006, the population of the City of Victoria was 78,057. The Victoria Census Metropolitan Area, also called as Greater Victoria, which comprises thirteen municipalities, has a population of 330,088 and is the largest urban area on Vancouver Island and the 15th largest metropolitan area in Canada. The Capital Regional District, which includes additional rural areas, has a total population of 345,164.

The city has a broad and thriving economy. Its chief industries are technology, tourism, education, federal and provincial government administration and services. Other economic sectors of the Greater Victoria area include investment and banking, online book publishing, public and private schools, food, light aircraft manufacturing, and production of technology products required in various high tech firms in pharmaceuticals and computers, engineering, architecture and telecommunications. If you have yet not decided which business to buy, you will have amazing options to choose from.

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