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The excellent geographical location, diverse population, rich economy, and sound infrastructure of Vancouver have contributed largely in its growth as a potential business city. Here is a detailed introduction to the business environment of Vancouver to help you understand the benefits of considering business for sale Vancouver:

Located in the Lower Mainland of British Columbia, Canada, Vancouver is the largest metropolitan area in Western Canada. It ranks third largest in the country and the city proper ranks eighth. The city has an area of 114 km square/44  sq mi including both flat and hilly ground. The excellent location has helped many businesses for sale in Vancouver throve successfully.

Those who buy a business in Vancouver are able to carry their business in a smooth and hassle-free manner due to the diverse mode of transport facility available here. Vancouver is served by Vancouver International Airport (YVR), located on Sea Island in the City of Richmond. Vancouver's airport is Canada's second busiest airport and the second largest gateway on the west coast of North America for international passengers. Its transcontinental railway is extended across the city and is a vital link in a trade route between the Orient, Eastern Canada, and London. The Port Metro Vancouver is now the busiest and the largest in Canada, as well as the fourth largest port (by tonnage) in North America.

The diverse population of Vancouver is another major reason for considering business for sale Vancouver. According to 2006 census, its population was 5,335 people per km2 (13,817.6 people per mi2) which makes it the fourth most densely populated major city in North America, after New York City, San Francisco and Mexico City. Due to the diverse ethnicity, comprising people of English, Scottish, and Irish origins, Vancouver is often called a city of neighborhoods.

Last, but the most important, Vancouver has a rich and prospering economy. If you consider buying a business for sale in Vancouver, you can rest assured of a successful business. Vancouver is one of the nation's largest industrial centers. The Port of Vancouver, the largest in Canada, does more than C$75 billion in trade with more than 130 different economies annually. Port activities alone generate $10.5 billion in gross domestic product and $22 billion in economic output.

Vancouver is also the center of forest product and mining companies, software development and biotechnology. Due to its beautiful geographical location, Vancouver is well known as an urban center surrounded by nature, making tourism its second largest industry. It is also the third largest film production center in North America after Los Angeles and New York City, and is popularly called Hollywood North.

Those of you who wish to sell a business Vancouver, can also find the most promising buyers quickly and easily due to the above stated reasons.

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