Business For Sale in Ontario

For those of you who are looking for business for sale, it’s advisable to consider business for sale Ontario. The geographical location, economy, population, and infrastructure make it an excellent choice to buy a business in Ontario. Conversely, if you own a small or medium sized business in Ontario and are planning to sell a business Ontario, you would be pleased to know that selling a business in Ontario is much easier and faster compared to other provinces in Canada.

Here is a quick overview of the business environment in Ontario:


Ontario is located in the east-central part of Canada. It is bordered by Manitoba on its west, Hudson Bay on its north, Quebec on its east, and by five States of the United States-Minnesota, Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania (Lake Erie) and New York- to its south. With a total of 1,076,395 km2 (415,598 sq mi) area, Ontario is the 2nd largest in area after Quebec. Toronto, the most populous city of Canada is Ontario’s capital city and Ottawa, the national capital of Canada is also located in Ontario.
Most businesses for sale in Ontario thrive due to its excellent location.

Economy & Population

Ontario is Canada's leading manufacturing province. It accounted for 52% of the total national manufacturing shipments in the year 2004. Important products that are manufactured here in Ontario include iron, steel, motor vehicles, food, electrical appliances, machinery, chemicals, and paper.

Toronto, the capital of Ontario, is the heart of Canada's financial services and banking industry. Neighbouring cities like Brampton, Mississauga and Vaughan are large product distribution and IT centres, in addition to having various manufacturing industries. The information technology sector is also important, in the Silicon Valley North section of Ottawa and the Waterloo Region.
If you are looking for business for sale Ontario or franchise for sale Ontario, the choices are of course many. Further, with the total population of 13,167,894, a business for sale Ontario can definitely find a good and diverse market for its products/services. 


Ontario has several highways, major water transportation route, and various regional and an International airport in Toronto. Ontario’s well developed infrastructure is another important reason why you should buy a business Ontario. With excellent, road, rail, air, and water transportation, business for sale in Ontario is able to attract a large number of prospective buyers and thereby enjoy substantial sale of its products or services.

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